Cotton Wicks / Thin & Soft Milk extracts Cotton Wicks / Diya Baati / Pooja Baati / Jyot Cotton (approx 100 pcs)


Akbari Traders Cotton Wicks / Thin & Soft Milk extracts Cotton Wicks / Diya Baati / Pooja Baati / Jyot Cotton Wicks for aarti Cotton Wick are high quality jyot batti for lighting diya / lamp for puja ceremony which adds elegance to your Puja rituals and adorn your temples by lighting diya / deepak / lamp / chirag using these cotton wicks. Cotton Wick Jyot Batti can also used in temples for lighting and prayer purposes. Also Commonly used during Indian festive occasions like Diwali and Navratras. Cotton Wick Jyot Batti is used worldwide to light chirags / oil lamps for meditation and spiritual prayers and add elegance to the home decor. Handmade Wicks: These wicks are completely handmade and are good for pooja. Fabric : All these diya wicks are made from organic cotton, keeping it pure for holy uses. Occasion : Use these diya wicks as daily batti for pooja / aarti , diwali diya baati , puja baati.

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Discover the perfect companion for your spiritual practices with our thin and soft cotton wicks. Specially crafted for lighting Diya Baati, pooja lamps, and jyots, our cotton wicks are made from the finest quality cotton and infused with milk extracts, ensuring a clean and steady flame that radiates purity and tranquility.

That’s why we take immense care in creating cotton wicks that not only facilitate easy lighting but also burn consistently, enhancing the spiritual ambiance of your sacred space.

Our Diya Baati are meticulously manufactured to provide a smooth and uniform surface that effortlessly absorbs oil or ghee, ensuring a longer burn time and reduced smoke. The thin and soft texture of the wicks allows for easy placement and lighting, making your devotional activities a seamless and peaceful experience.

To ensure the highest level of purity and quality, our cotton wicks are made from 100% natural cotton fibers. We have taken it a step further by infusing the wicks with milk extracts, which not only add a subtle fragrance but also contribute to a steady and serene flame. This careful infusion process sets our cotton wicks apart and guarantees an enhanced spiritual connection.

Whether you are performing daily prayers, conducting elaborate poojas, or celebrating festive occasions, our cotton wicks are the perfect choice to illuminate your devotional rituals. The soft and gentle flame emitted by our wicks creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, instilling a sense of peace and reverence.

With approximately 100 wicks in each pack, our offering ensures that you have an ample supply for your devotional needs. Each wick is carefully packaged to preserve its quality and freshness, ready to be used whenever you need to kindle the divine light.

Our commitment to quality ensures that every flame you ignite with our cotton wicks becomes a symbol of your spiritual journey.


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