Akbari Traders Uttarkriya Kit/Tehrvee kit


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Celebrate the life and honor the departed with our meticulously crafted Uttarkriya Kit/Tehrvee kit, designed to facilitate the Tehrvee ceremonies and rituals. Our comprehensive kit includes all the essential items required to perform the traditional rites and pay homage to the departed soul.

Our Uttarkriya Kit is thoughtfully curated, ensuring that you have everything you need to conduct the Tehrvee rituals with reverence and authenticity.The Uttarkriya Kit/Tehrvee kit comprises various items that hold symbolic significance in the Tehrvee ceremony. From sacred threads to holy water vessels, each component is carefully selected and crafted to facilitate the smooth execution of the rituals.

The kit includes sacred threads, such as Janeu (sacred thread worn by Brahmins), for those following specific customs. These threads represent purity and spirituality, signifying the connection between the departed soul and the eternal divine.

Additionally, the Uttarkriya Kit contains essential items like idols or pictures of deities, a diya (lamp), incense sticks, camphor, sacred ash (vibhuti), and holy water vessels. These items play a crucial role in invoking blessings, purifying the surroundings, and creating a sacred atmosphere during the Tehrvee ceremonies.

Our Uttarkriya Kit is designed to ensure convenience and ease of use. Each item is meticulously packaged and organized, allowing you to navigate through the rituals seamlessly. The kit comes with detailed instructions or a guidebook that outlines the order and significance of each ritual, making it accessible for both experienced practitioners and those new to the Tehrvee ceremony.

Our commitment to quality ensures that each item in the kit is crafted with precision, attention to detail, and reverence for the traditions it represents.Choose our Uttarkriya Kit to ensure a comprehensive and seamless Tehrvee ceremony. Let this kit serve as a guiding light during a difficult time, allowing you to pay homage to your loved ones in a way that reflects your customs and beliefs.


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