Akbari Traders Cotton Antarpat (The Cloth held in Front of The Groom) – Holy Shawl


The antarpat is an auspicious shawl held between the bride and groom. … The significance of the antarpat is that the bride and groom are not supposed to see each other until specific mantras are recited and hence this sacred cloth is held between them.

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The Cotton Antarpat is a remarkable piece of cloth that holds significant importance in Indian weddings. Also known as the “Parda” or “Chhadar,” it is traditionally held in front of the groom during certain wedding rituals. This SEO-optimized description aims to provide valuable information about the Akbari Traders Cotton Antarpat and attract potential customers seeking this essential wedding item.

At Akbari Traders, we understand the cultural significance of the Cotton Antarpat in Indian weddings. Our is thoughtfully crafted using high-quality cotton fabric, ensuring its durability and elegance. It features intricate designs and vibrant colors, making it a visually appealing accessory for the groom.

The play a significant role in wedding rituals such as the Jaimala or Varmala ceremony. During this ritual, the Antarpat is held by family members or wedding attendants in front of the groom to create a sense of privacy and anticipation as the bride approaches. It adds a touch of tradition and grace to the wedding ceremony, creating a memorable moment for the couple and their loved ones.

Our Akbari Traders is carefully designed to enhance the overall aesthetics of the wedding. The fabric is soft and comfortable, ensuring ease of handling during the rituals. It is available in various colors and patterns, allowing couples to choose one that complements their wedding theme and personal style.

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At Akbari weddings. Traders, we take pride in providing high-quality wedding accessories, and our is no exception. It is meticulously crafted to meet the cultural expectations and requirements of Indian weddings.


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