Randal Lota Kit / Goini kit


Our Premium Randal Lota kit includes all the puja Samagris needed to Perform the holy Puja. Also we customise the Shrungar set that has to be offered after the Puja.

(Note :- Prices are acc to the given Quantity. It can be adjusted as per your need)

randal lota kit (1 set)

◆kumkum (kanku)
◆lota (kalas)
◆blowse piece (red cloth)
◆blowse piece (white cloth)
◆blowse piece (green cloth)
◆cotton wicks (cotton batti)
◆dry fruits (mix)
◆taj (cinnamon)
◆lavang (dry cloves)
◆elaichi (cardamom)
◆kamalgatta (lotus seed)
◆juvar (jowar)
◆mung beans
◆chaval (rice) jirasal
◆ghav (wheat)
◆mataji no sangaar
◆sugar candy (mithha kaju)
◆sarso (mustard)
◆agarbati (insence stick)
◆attar (scent)
◆madh (honey) only for pooja use
◆sari set (indian wear sari set)
◆srifaal (coconut)
◆moli-kalava-indian sacred red yellow green thread
◆white thread reel
◆soopari (betelnut)
◆sakar (rock sugar)

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Enhance your spiritual practices and home rituals with our comprehensive Randal Lota Kit. Designed with devotion and tradition in mind, this kit includes all the essential items required for performing puja and other religious ceremonies. Randal Lota, an integral part of many Hindu rituals, symbolizes purity and is used for offering water during prayers. Our kit ensures that you have everything you need to conduct these sacred practices with ease and reverence.

Our Randal Lota Kit includes:

  1. Randal Lota: A high-quality, beautifully crafted brass lota, essential for holding and offering water during puja. The lota is designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, with intricate designs that reflect traditional craftsmanship.
  2. Puja Samagri: A collection of essential items required for puja, including kumkum, turmeric, rice, incense sticks, camphor, and ghee lamp. Each item is carefully selected and packed to maintain its purity and sanctity.
  3. Decorative Items: Festive decorations such as flowers and rangoli stencils to create a beautiful and auspicious atmosphere for your puja setup.
  4. Ghee and Cotton Wicks: For lighting the ghee lamp, an essential part of the puja. The pure ghee and cotton wicks provided in the kit ensure a steady and bright flame during your prayers.

Our Randal Lota Kit is crafted with the highest quality materials, ensuring that each item is both beautiful and functional. The kit is designed to be user-friendly, providing you with all the necessary components in one package, making the preparation for your rituals stress-free and spiritually enriching.

How to Use:

  1. Set up the puja area with the decorative items included.
  2. Place the Randal Lota in the center, filled with water.
  3. Follow the guidebook for detailed instructions on performing the ritual.
  4. Use the puja samagri and light the ghee lamp with the provided ghee and cotton wicks.
  5. Conclude the puja with the aarti using the puja plate provided.

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Bring the divine blessings into your home with our comprehensive Randal Lota Kit. Order now and experience the spiritual fulfillment and ease of conducting sacred rituals with all the necessary items at your fingertips.


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