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Elevate your spiritual rituals with our comprehensive Satyanarayan Katha Kit. Designed to include everything you need for the sacred Satyanarayan Puja, this kit simplifies the process and ensures you have all the necessary items to perform the ritual with devotion and ease. The Satyanarayan Katha is a significant Hindu ritual performed for prosperity, peace, and well-being, and our kit is crafted to enhance this divine experience.

Our Satyanarayan Katha Kit includes:

  1. Puja Samagri: This essential collection comprises all the items required for the puja, including betel leaves, betel nuts, kumkum, turmeric, rice, incense sticks, camphor, and a ghee lamp. Each item is carefully selected and packed to maintain its purity and sanctity.
  2. Holy Book: A Satyanarayan Katha book is included, containing the sacred text and guidelines for conducting the puja. This ensures that you can follow the ritual accurately and understand the significance of each step.
  3. Prasad Ingredients: Ingredients for preparing the traditional prasad (offering) are included, such as suji (semolina), sugar, dry fruits, and ghee. Detailed instructions on preparing the prasad are also provided.
  4. Decorative Items: The kit includes decorative items such as a rangoli stencil, flowers, and diya (lamps) to create a beautiful and auspicious setup for the puja.
  5. Aarti Plate: A beautifully designed aarti plate with diya, camphor holder, and incense stick holder to complete the puja setup.
  6. Kalash: A copper or brass kalash (pot) for holding holy water, symbolizing the presence of Lord Satyanarayan.

Our Satyanarayan Katha Kit is crafted with the highest quality materials to ensure that each item is pure and suitable for the sacred ritual. The kit is designed to be user-friendly, providing you with all the necessary components in one package, making the preparation for the puja stress-free and spiritually fulfilling.

How to Use:

  1. Set up the puja area with the decorative items included.
  2. Follow the Satyanarayan Katha book for detailed instructions on performing the ritual.
  3. Use the puja samagri and prasad ingredients as guided in the book.
  4. Conclude the puja with the aarti using the aarti plate provided.

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Bring the divine blessings of Lord Satyanarayan into your home with our comprehensive Satyanarayan Katha Kit. Order now and experience the peace, prosperity, and spiritual fulfillment that comes with this sacred ritual.


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